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Newsletter September 16th

Date: September 13, 2019 Author: Mrs. Fraas Categories: Newsletter 0

Book Order
There will be book orders coming home in your child’s Monday folder. They will be due on September 23rd. You can place orders online using our class code, H3P7Z. This is a great way to build your child’s library and our class receives points to purchase books for our classroom library. Win Win!


I have given each of the students their sign in and password for Zearn.  We will start it as homework next week.  Remember, students either need to complete 1 lesson or 20 minutes on Zearn per week.  They will record their time on their reading log.  The class code for Zearn is XK7B4V.  You will need this code the first time your child signs on.


We will begin Spelling and Vocabulary this week. The focus is on the meaning of words using Greek and Latin roots​.  We will incorporate both meaning and spelling​ and we will apply correct usage in writing.  The list will come home on Monday with an activity to help them practice.  The test will be on Friday.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Root Word~ hydr, aqua/aqu (water)  mar/mer (sea)

Word list:

dehydrate, hydroelectric, hydrant, aquatic, aqueduct, aquarium, aquifer, marine, marina, maritime

Quizlet link:  I showed the students how to use Quizlet to study for spelling and vocab.  You will need to sign your child up if they don’t have an account already. 🙂

Food for thought
The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
~ Winston Churchhill

20~ Fun Run Fundraiser

23~ Book Orders Due

Academic News
This week in math, we compared numbers based on the meaning of the digits and we focused on rounding numbers to the nearest thousand using a vertical number line.  For example, we applied the previous knowledge of how many ten thousands are in the number 987,246.  Many of the kids want to say 80,000, but there are 980,000’s in this number.  We went back to a place value chart to build on our previous understanding.  Understanding this concept will really help with rounding as we continue to work on this module.  In ELA, We read The Right Dog for the Job (this is my favorite story from Journeys!)  We talked about what an adverb is and we learned how to find the main idea in a story.  We continued our focus on how to write a good summary.  Your child should be able to tell you what a good summary includes and what it does not include.  In Idaho History, we continued learning how to read a map and how to find locations on a map using latitude and longitude.

Next week’s Academic News
Math- Use place value understanding to round multi-digit numbers to any place value using real world applications
Reading-The World According to Humphreys (Lesson 21)
Finding the Theme in a story (Priority Standard)
Inferences/Context Clues
Grammar- comparative adjectives

Social Studies- Idaho History (Symbols of Idaho) continued…

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