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Newsletter March 12th

Date: March 10, 2018 Author: Mrs. Fraas Categories: Newsletter 0

Dear Parents,

Wagons Ho is this Friday, March 16th. It is like the ultimate field trip coming to us…with a fully restored chuck wagon included! It will take place outside of the school from 9:15-3:30.

Wagons Ho gives students a hands on opportunity to experience the Western Movement as immigrants migrating through the frontier more than 150 years ago. Activities include chores of setting up camp, fetching water, sawing wood with a bow and a crosscut saw, and building a fire pit. The wranglers will also light a fire with flint and steel, peel potatoes and carrots, make biscuits, churn butter, and pump water from a pump. No camp is complete without washing clothes by hand, using a branding iron, warming by the fire, burning sample brands onto cardboard, and stamping leather Conchos (that can be kept by the wranglers).

*Each Class needs at least 6-8 parent volunteers to run a station as kids rotate through or rotate with the groups. Please email or contact your child’s teacher if you are interested in volunteering.

A few items for you to remember: Students will need to gather a few pieces of equipment for “the trail.” Each student will need: 1 – a small (fits in a bread sack) bundle of kindling/wood

2 – A 1 inch button (send a few extras if you have them!)

3 – A small canteen or plastic water bottle with water

4 – Appropriate dress for the weather – we will be outside all day. Western clothing is encouraged for students and adults, but it is optional

Also, lunch will be as usual, cold lunch or our normal lunch choices like any other day. We will experience Dutch oven cooking, but the meal we will make will provide lunch for our parent volunteers. It is our hope that Wagons Ho will make a lasting impression on the students and will give them a better understanding and appreciation for our American Heritage.

Yee Haw!

Hillsdale 4th Grade Teachers


Hello 3/4GT, 4th, and 5th Grade Parents,

This letter is to invite you to the Hillsdale Spring Music Concert – Thursday, March 15th.  This concert will be shared between the 3/4GT, 4th, and 5th grade classes, and we will sing the exact same concert 2 times that same day.

Because of the size of our auditorium and parking lot, I am asking that 3/4GT and 4thgrade family/friends attend the morning concert, and 5th grade family/friends attend the afternoon concert.

 However, if you cannot attend the concert for your child’s grade, you are welcome to attend the other concert.

Thursday, March 15th

  • 9:15 – 10:15 am:         Concert for mostly 3/4GT, 4th grade family/friends
  • 2:45 – 3:45 pm:           Concert for mostly 5th grade family/friends


Concert Dress:  Please have your child wear any combination of Spring/Rainbow colors: red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple for the concert day.  Girls can wear dresses if they would like to, but not required.  For both boys and girls, aim for clothes on the dressier side of normal school wear.

Thanks for all your support!  See you at the concert!

Best regards,   

Dave Gabbard, Hillsdale Music Specialist

There will be no Spelling for the next couple of weeks.  I would like to prepare the students the best I can for ISAT testing which begins the week after Spring Break.  There is so much information I would like to cover before testing begins, so Spelling will be put on the back burner for awhile.  In class we have been talking about Grit and what it takes to have Grit.  Hard work, perseverance, courage and strength of character.  Always doing their best is so important!  I know ISAT tests can be frustrating and discouraging for our kids and they may not want to try or feel like they want to give up.  Taking the ISAT takes Grit!  By digging deep, ISAT testing doesn’t have to be a scary, horrible thing.  Please remind your child of this and if they work hard and persevere, it will be ok.  🙂 

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MARCH 15TH~ MUSIC PROGRAM 4/5 9:45-10:45 AND 2:45-3:45





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