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Homework September 11-15

Date: September 10, 2017 Author: Mrs. Fraas Categories: Homework 2


20 minutes per night outside of class


Math quiz Friday over place value and multiplying/dividing by powers of 10

Any math that was unfinished in class

Students must be fluent in their multiplication math facts through 10’s.  Please make sure your child is practicing their multiplication facts at home.  Below are some great resources.

Multiplication.com (extra resource if you would like a great site for practicing multiplication facts!)

xtramath.org (another great site to practice multiplication facts)  ask your child if they have passed their 10′s yet, if not, I would put them on this site a few times a week.



Social Studies



Spelling Test~ Friday, September 15th

 Please look for a list coming home with your child.


2 Comments: "Homework September 11-15"

  1. Published by: Bobbie Gregory Date: September 10, 2017


    How do we find out what Kyle’s username and password is for xtramath? When we log in with last year’s info, it has him at divisions 2nd he can’t go back and practice multiplication.

    1. Published by: Mrs. Fraas Date: September 16, 2017


      Hi Bobbie,
      Sorry… for some reason, I didn’t get an email notifying me that I had a message on my website. I was just updating and saw this. As far as xtramath goes, It should allow him to go back to practice his multiplication math facts. If that doesn’t work, have you tried multiplication.com? I can look at his account with him on Monday if he reminds me. 🙂

      Thanks! Have a great weekend!

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