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December 11th

Date: December 9, 2017 Author: Mrs. Fraas Categories: Newsletter 0

The Earth Dragon Awakes Spelling

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Base words and endings

Spelling Words

For Lesson 12

  1. rising
  2. traced
  3. stripped
  4. slammed
  5. dancing
  6. striped
  7. winning
  8. snapping
  9. bragging
  10. handled
  11. dripped
  12. begged
  13. dared
  14. skipped
  15. hitting
  16. spotted
  17. raced
  18. dimmed
  19. spinning
  20. escaped

Challenge Words: urged, striving, whipped, breathing, quizzed



trembles- to shake.

wreckage- the remains of something that has been destroyed

slab-a broad, flat, thick piece, as of bread, stone or meat.

possessions-something that is owned.

tenement-an old apartment house that is badly maintained.

crushing-to press, squeeze or beat down on with enough force to break or injure

rubble- broken or crumbled material, such as brick, that is left after a building falls down .

debris the scattered remains of something broken or destroyed

timbers- a long, heavy piece of wood for building.



Food for thought

“You MUST do what you love. Sometimes your passion will be the only thing that keeps you motivated.”
― Faydra D. Fields

Important Dates

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December 11-14~Hillsdale Book Fair—open until 7pm on the 14th 

December 11-15 ~Papa John’s Pizza Week

Purchase a pizza for 20% any day of the week and the school receives that 20% back.  Flyers go out soon!

December 12~Early Release @ 1:25pm

December 14th~ 2nd/3rd grade music program am/pm 

December 22-January 5th (No School)

Academic News

Math– Objective: Multiplication of up to four digit by single-digit numbers


  • Sequence of Events
  • Conclusions and Generalizations
  • Author’s Word Choice


  • Possessive Nouns


Social Studies~ Identify American Indian tribes in Idaho: Coeur d’Alene, Kootenai, Shoshone-Bannock, Nez Perce, and Shoshone-Paiute Tribes, current reservation locations.

Science~ Wrap up Magnetism and Electricity

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